I Dyed My Hair Blue

That’s right guys, I went from the same color hair I’ve had my entire life (never-been-dyed-sorta-blonde-but-also-brown) to a nice blue color. And this is how it went.

The idea pretty much happened like this:

I was sitting with a friend, discussing how we both were feeling a little boxed-in, a little antsy, but too broke to get the tattoos we wanted, and too busy with work to spend time on a decent adventure-drive. And then it struck me.

I’m 21 years old.

I have eight piercings.

I have one tattoo.

I’ve jumped off cliffs and changed majors.

But for 21 years I’ve been too afraid to dye my hair.

So I turned to Kara and said, “What if I dyed my hair?” to which she replied,

“YASSSSSS! Let’s do it tonight!”

The timing is perfect: after this year, I will be working in a professional (ish) setting. I will be having serious interviews, and I’ll have even less free time than I do now. Even better, it’s the summer, so if it looks terrible only the 8 people on campus will have to see it! So we went to Walmart, I bought blue hair dye (I originally wanted purple but changed my mind, and I’m so happy I did), and that night we bleached my hair in preparation.

After nervously checking my hair the next day, I was surprised to find no damage (yay for really healthy hair!) and we went in with the blue. (Hair bleaching photos below)

Those last 20 minutes of waiting to see what it looked like after it was set and washed was terrifying: I was half-convinced I had made a huge mistake.

(First layer of blue, second layer of blue)

However, a few days later and a little bit of touching up and I’m delighted to say that I have no regrets. I really hope it stays in for awhile though because I love it but I have no money to keep it up. For the first few days, every time I would pass a mirror I would stop, smile, and squeal,

“Oh my gosh, I have blue hair!”

I’m living the mermaid life, guys.

Anywayssss (there is a point to this more than a random little life blurb), I have noticed something interesting.

I work the front desk at a gift-shop that is also a welcome center to the coolest waterfall ever, so I ¬†meets and talk to hundreds of people every week. During the summer we are especially busy, and I’ve meet some of the nicest and meanest people I’ve ever interacted with in my life (I would say it’s split 80% nice and 20% noticeably rude).

I’ll be honest: I was very self conscious the first day I walked in with blue hair. Going into it, I was pretty sure this would attract a lot of negative attention, which I didn’t think about until I pulled into the parking lot of my work the next morning. However, my assumption was incorrect.

Sure, I’ve had some interesting reactions, but overall, what I’ve noticed is this:

Genuinely nice people are nice/nicer.

Angry people are angry/angrier.

Across the board, I’ve had just about the same amount of angry people come into the store, who use my hair as a way to vent, and the same amount of nice people being especially nice and expressing support and encouragement for my hair.

And guess what?

I live in the south. I live in the “Bible belt.”

The people who liked my hair were really young (like 5). And really old (like 80). And American. And Korean. And German. And Mexican. (We get people from all over the world all the time, one of the perks of the job).

The people who gave me looks and made snarky comments were really young. And really old. And American. And Korean. And German. And Mexican.

So what I’m trying to say is that sometimes I think all hope is lost, and this country with its extreme diversity and passion is going to implode, this week I’ve been reminded that there will always be people looking for something to justify their anger/bitterness, but there are also a lot of decent human beings here too. They may not believe what I believe, or care about what I care about, but there’s still room to connect, have conversation, and promote conversation and understanding.

Blue (that is definitely gray in some areas) hair won’t change the world.

But conversations about taking risks, jumping on opportunities, and celebrating life at all stages?

That’s a start.

(Daily dose of optimism?)

Thank you so much for reading! If any of you guys have any hair-dyeing stories, or tips, or any thoughts on people reactions to piercings, tattoos or hair, I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Love you guys-

May your swords stay sharp,

May you seek truth always,

and may peace live in your hearts,




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