In A Thousand Words Or Less (Pt. 6)

Today I am exhausted.

In my 8:30am class we talked various philosophies in literature. It’s too dang early for that nonsense.

At 10am I had my Barnabas Group; it was good to be back and together again.

I was able to grab a quick lunch break around 11am before heading back to the apartment.

The hours leading up to 2pm were filled with cleaning, sweeping, laundry, various RA things, and cooking, not in that order.

I finalized my first Advanced Composition essay, crossed my fingers, and sent it in. (Send prayers PLS)

2pm was Crisis and Trauma Therapy, which left me dwelling on a friend who died. He was too young to die, I was too young to have to say goodbye. (I really wish that didn’t rhyme but it does and I’m not changing it so)

After class was more cleaning (one of my roommates has the flu so everything must be disinfected) and reading for classes the next day.

At 4:30pm I visited my work to drop off some books and enjoy the company of my wonderful coworkers.

Before dinner, I took a minute to sit by the pond and breathe. Gold trees were reflected in the water. It was nice.

I finished up some RA stuff and then headed out with friends to the cardio room.

3 miles biked, 1 on the elliptical, 1 on the treadmill. We laughed about splits, stretched, did some sit-ups and hiked it back home.

Or at least I would’ve, but I had forgotten to print some things from the library.

Before making it back to the apartment, I stopped and enjoyed conversation with other students.

At 9pm I am starving (because I am a bottomless pit), so I take out my frozen veggies and season them in a pan.

Keojah watched as I promptly shoveled them into my mouth while simultaneously maintained a conversation about boys. This was actually the most normal part of my day.

She was determined to beat a specific score on Just Dance, and I offered my services (competition usually gets her going).

She refused but I joined anyway. I was no competition. I gave up and after another try she broke the highscore.

9:30pm excited feet and nervous chatter began as some friends and Fiance #1 enter the apartment. I tried really hard not to get distracted by the conversation and focus on the last piece of homework I had instead.

I finished, jumped in the shower, and by the time I was out there was mischief in their eyes. They wanted to go for a drive.

11pmish we jumped back into the cold air again. The sky was clear and the stars were beautiful. I made sure not to bring my wallet, because if I bring my wallet I will get Taco Bell, and I’m trying to stay healthy and all that crap.

I got back around 12am. All is quiet, except for my stomach. Curse you. Luckily, I had Mac and Cheese begging to be made. I ate a few spoonfuls straight out of the pot, stuck it in a Tupperware, washed the last of the dishes, and sat on my bed.

It has been a full day, and I am exhausted.



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