Why “Inside Out” Makes You Feel

images*If you haven’t seen the movie, beware. I am talking main themes and plot points!*

On Friday, I, along with 15 young girls in leotards, marched over to the Theatre a few buildings down from my work to watch the new Disney/Pixar movie all about feelings. While I cannot say I haven’t cried during an animated film before, because I actually do that quite regularly, I surprised myself with not only tears, but a tightened chest and a throat choked full of vivid memories.

It might have been because the girl sitting next to me, sniffling and gasping as the movie progressed, had just told me her best friend had moved away, and making friends at school had been difficult.

It might have been because I related so strongly to the pressure of parents needing their daughter’s support, and the fear that came with losing everything and having to start over.

It might have been because this movie has an incredibly insightful message that really applies to me right now: Sometimes “Sadness” is needed in order to move on, in order to grow. Sometimes “Happiness” can’t fix the problem. Sometimes, everything needs to blow up completely so something new can grow.

For a kid’s move, it had some very important adult messages that society has disposed of. Happy does not equate to whole. Escaping life’s issues and burying it in things that make you happy does not make a satisfying life.

Why have we become so obsessed with living pain free, glitch free lives?Humans are resilient. It’s our nature. We need to have sadness and trials: it’s only through those things that true joy and “completeness” are drawn in.

We need to be broken in order to become better.

We need to be empty to be filled.

I know I went straight for the “deep end” on this post, but I wanted it to be a short one. Just food for thought! I’m sure this theme will be resurfacing in other posts.

Have a great night!



  1. evangeliiiiine · June 22, 2015

    That is so beautifully said. (happy tears)


    • Tokalymma · June 22, 2015

      Thank you! There was something special about the movie that I couldn’t just leave unaddressed!


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